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Are you affraid of presentations or do you feel you can do better? If you have some experience of presenting or public speaking but now want to develop your skills further, or you have felt that previous presentations didn’t go as well as you had hoped and you want to deliver more successful presentations, then this course is ideal for you.

What is Presentations with Impact?

A two-day highly interactive workshop designed for those who want to refine their presentation and public speaking delivery skills.

What results do you get?

It's going to help you to present with greater confidence and impact. We will help you to build your confidence, develop your personal style and create greater impact on your audience. Typical things that people like you who attend this course may want to improve on are: 

  1. Looking and sounding more confident in front of your audience
  2. Getting the immediate attention of your audience when you start to speak
  3. Communicating more persuasive messages that are well received by your audience
  4. Holding the interest of your audience throughout your presentation
  5. Thinking on your feet and staying calm under pressure
  6. Increasing your overall impact on your audience

How does it work

Well guide you for 6 weeks completely via a high impact training of two days, online learning system and personal / online coaching. 

During the two days you will on your feet be working practically and building up your skills in a step by step manner as you make continual progress throughout the workshop. You will also receive repeat opportunities to present to the group and receive on-going feedback from your trainer to help you to further improve.

Our practical and personalised approach makes the training a most enjoyable as well as highly valuable learning experience and by the end of the workshop, you’ll have learnt how to be a more confident and competent presenter and make a much stronger impact on your audience.

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